Stop Amazon's "grueling working conditions" in India

UNI Global Union created this petition addressed to Amazon on 06/21/2024


Labor rights

During a historic heatwave that has already killed over a hundred people, Amazon workers in India say they have been forced to work without taking water or bathroom breaks until they have met their work targets. If it sounds cruel, it’s because it is.

Their fight for a safe, cool, and healthy workplace has not only made national and international headlines, but now India’s Human Rights Commission is taking action.

Help us keep up the pressure and demand that Amazon protects workers from extreme heat!

We demand, together with the Amazon India Worker Association (AIWA):

  • Access to adequate facilities, equipment and training to safeguard workers from extreme heat,

  • An eight-hour workday and the end of the daily contract system,

  • A minimum salary of Rs 25,000,

  • Compensation for all employees for work-related accidents,

  • Protection for female employees to prevent harassment.


Join us in this historic fight.

Together, we can Make Amazon Pay!

Support Amazon Workers

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